The Most Amazing Stylus and Tablet for Drawing/Art


So I have been on a mission to find a stylus that I could draw with ever since I got my first ipad and I have been extremely unsuccessful. I am very particular when it comes to drawing on a tablet because I usually draw on a large monitor (cintiq 21ux) so i’m used to a digital pen being unbelievable. So when I came across this stylus with the samsung galaxy note tablet I was really impressed and I just had to share it with you. If you look really closely you can see that it gives you a little dot that helps as a guide on the screen. I was upset about the fact that the ipad hasn’t come out with anything like this but either way it accomplishes my goal of drawing on a tablet. Hope you enjoy the review! And don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you!

Never Fail At your New’s Year Resolution Again!


So they say only 45% of people actually make New Year’s resolutions, and out of that percentage only 8% are actually successful. So I thought I would do a little funny animated video and use my own failed New Years Resolution as an example of what TO DO and what NOT TO DO….I also did a ton of research and I think I have some great tips to keep you on the road to success..HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Worst Hotel Experience Ever!

I travel quite a bit for work and a couple of months ago I attended Cisco Live, an incredibly large IT/Data Center conference in San Diego. The conference was pretty good, but if you have ever attended a conference before you know how tiring it is…so imagine not sleeping on top of that! This by far was the worst hotel experience ever! Anyway, looking back on it now it was a pretty funny story, so I decided to a little vid with comics to really tell it right! I would love to hear your bad hotel experiences?

Humping Happens

So I’m sure if I told you already but I have two dogs and boy are they polar opposite. Here is a pic of them, this happens to also be our Christmas Picture to our family too (note to self, apparently when your newly weds people don’t want to see pics of your dogs for Christmas cards…they want to see you). Riggs is on the left, he’s a German Shepard/golden retriever mix and Jack is on the right, he’s a Yorkie Anyway, we go to the dog park every weekend and while we were there a couple of weeks ago Riggs was getting humped by this little thing and I thought it was hilarious, so of coursed I video taped it. However the owner of the little dog didn’t really feel the same way. The whole incident made me realize just how different peoples reactions are to when dogs hump each other. So I thought I would do a video about it! Enjoy!



Paying it forwards by Paying it backwards!

I thought this was so cool, so I just had to do a video about it! And who knows, maybe it could really make a difference:)


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